About Asramam

Welcome to Om Murugasramam

OM MURUGASRAMAM, situated at West Mambalam in the heartland of Chennai city, functions as a sacred centre of Bhakti and Spiritualism. The Asramam is situated in the busy residential area very near to Mambalam Railway station and Ayodhya Mandapam. The presiding Deity is “SRI GNANA SKANDAR” one of the various names of Lord MURUGA that signifies the Lord as the one who bestows pure knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance. Lord Muruga is the embodiment of the Vedas. In Arunagiri nathar’s Tiruppugazh, Lord Muruga proclaims “I am the inner essence and purport of the tenets of Vedas”.

We earnestly believe that the grace and blessings of Lord “SRI GNANASKANDHA” and the determined aspiration of Pujya Sri Swamiji will hold us together in the furtherance of the functioning of Asramam and service to the devotees in their quest for spiritual guidance..


The Asramam was founded by pujyasri SANKARANANDA SARASWATI SWAMIJI way back in the year 1971. Sri Swamiji has altered his residential house into Asramam and transformed it as the divine abode of Lord Gnana Skandar. Swamiji was an ardent and determined devotee of Lord Muruga and he had a vision of spiritual vibration present in the premises at his very early age. He realised that he was destined to dedicate his life to carry on the divine order and thus came the founding of the Asramam. The Asramam stands as a symbol of Serenity and Simplicity combined with piety and divinity for which Swamiji stood as an illustrious illustration throughout his life time. The Asramam is unique in the sense that it invites people from all walks of life and functions breaking the barriers of caste, creed and status. A significant point is that the asramam does not accept money in any form as hundi collection or as an offering.

The systematic procedures and meticulous planning as instituted by Swamiji have been the guiding factors in taking forward the functioning of the Asramam so far. Having spent all his life in the service of the Lord and to the human kind Swamiji attained Siddhi on 14th January 2017 on the auspicious period of Utharaayana Punyakala.